How Points Work

Sahoja Points are the currency of Sahoja. These points are earned when you positively interact and engage with the platform and can in turn be used to make a positive impact on the nonprofit projects featured on Sahoja.


How do I earn Points?

Members earn Points by engaging positively with the Sahoja Platform and for contributing to the Sahoja community. Engaging positively means you are posting helpful content on our social media platform, buying products from our Mindful Marketplace and supporting Impact Partner projects.

Currently, all new members receive 10,000 welcome points to donate to Impact Partner projects on our site.

Please check back frequently for new ways members can earn Points.

How many Points will I receive when I open an Account?

For a limited time, members receive 10,000 Points when they create an account on the Sahoja Platform. These points can be used to support Impact Partner projects on the platform.

How can I use my Points?

Members can use their Points to donate to Impact Partner projects. Stay tuned for more exciting ways to use points in the future.

How much are the Points worth?

As of May 5th, 2020: 10 Points are worth $.01 USD (1 cent).

Please check back frequently to see the present value of points The value of member’s points is determined at the time the points are transferred to the member’s account.

Can I buy Points?

Yes, members can buy points from our marketplace.

How do I redeem Points for cash?

Members cannot presently redeem Sahoja Points for their cash equivalent value, but this feature should be available soon.

Who are Impact Partners?

Impact Partners are nonprofit organizations focused on relevant issues who abide by the highest standards of transparency, generosity, diversity and impact they create. These nonprofit partners are invited to feature their projects on the Sahoja platform for the Sahoja community to support.

Can I use my points to purchase products on and through the Sahoja app?

The Sahoja Mindful Marketplace is available now. Soon, members will have the opportunity to use their points towards the price of products and services in the marketplace. Check back for this feature to be released.

For the full legal document outlining points and their usage, click here.