Sahoja's Vendors

Sahoja's merchants are carefully curated based on universal values of sharing and giving, so you know you're buying goods and services from companies you can trust.


Moka Origins

We are a craft chocolate and specialty coffee company based in Pennsylvania. Every product sold creates jobs, plants trees, and helps communities grow.


Alaska Glacial Essentials

Alaska Glacial offers a line of glacier derived mineral-rich spa therapy and skincare products. Our products offer clean + green + ethical + effective solutions for achieving healthy skin and combating signs of aging skin. We sustainably source raw glacial clay, glacial water, and potent [sub]arctic botanicals from Alaska.


Gina Cucina

In a world of overly processed food, we at Gina Cucina have a process too. It’s called cooking. Real food made by real people. Great food begins with great ingredients. Like certified organic vegetables, locally grown on small farms that arrive fresh—no carrots or tomatoes with frequent flyer miles.


Himalayan Institute Shop

The original creator of the neti pot, the Himalayan Institute has been offering traditional and modern products for health and spirituality since 1971.



Airnex is a "Breathing Care" company committed to create premium quality air filtration products for people to live happily and healthily, one breath at a time.


Shakti Warrior

Shakti Warrior is a women-owned and operated yoga brand that offers products made using the timeless principles of yoga: awareness, high ethical standards, love, beauty, and discipline. We offer eco-friendly yoga mats and accessories made of cork, hemp, natural tree rubber, and Oeko-Tex certified eco-PVC.



Original bamboo sunglasses since 2012. Every pair is guaranteed for life and gives the Gift of Vision to someone in need!

made simple

Made Simple Skin Care

We offer small-batch, USDA-certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, raw, cruelty-free Skin, and Oral care products crafted in Massachusetts. Our products are not only luxurious in form and formula, sustainable in principle but are a proven natural solution to maintaining and improving your daily skin and oral care routine!


Luke’s Toy Factory

Toys made in America using upcycled, organic materials.


4hearts Kombucha

Certified Organic & Raw Kombucha shipped directly to your door!

We at 4Hearts Kombucha want to share our love for the outdoors, the environment, and health with you. Each delicious batch of Kombucha is made using only the highest quality organic ingredients.


PX Clothing

We’re a family business born and bred in sunny Los Angeles, and our love for the golden state is apparent in everything we do. Since 2000, our team has been working hard to imbue the laidback, sun-soaked spirit of SoCal into every aspect of our line—no matter where our pieces end up. The further our pieces travel, the more we dedicate ourselves to our original goal: to create a menswear line that marries quality design with high style, while never sacrificing comfort.



GlamBOMB is a woman-owned and operated lifestyle brand that offers affordable small-batched skincare products. We donate 5% of our sales to domestic violence shelters and prevention programs.


The Etching Bee

Customized Water-Purifying Glass Water Bottles The Solution to the Wasteful Consumption of Single-Use Plastic Bottles. Forever-Lasting Bottles, Permanent Etching, Portable Water Purification.



Shankara is a 100% natural Ayurveda inspired face and body care line. We have blended the best ingredients from the east with the best active ingredients of the west. All products are made in the US in our manufacturing facility and stored in a room with high vibrational music playing. We donate 100% of our net profits to humanitarian causes around the world.


337 Brand

337 BRAND is a sustainable leisurewear line designed to influence a positive movement and look damn good while doing it. Inspired by nature, comfort, and kindness, the brand introduces effortless-style clothing made from earth-friendly materials.


Luminous Essentials

At Luminous Essentials, we are proud to offer premium Ayurvedic oils and body care for the health and inner radiance. Our products are handcrafted with love in small batches using the finest ingredients of Mother Nature’s bounty. Our formulations are based on the practical science of classical Ayurveda, the traditional system of health from India.


Elements Truffles

At Elements Truffles, we make Ayurveda inspired raw and organic chocolates. Handmade in small batches our chocolates are made with just two main ingredients - cacao and honey. Free from dairy, soy, gluten, emulsifiers, GMO, and natural flavors, our chocolates are infused with Ayurveda Superfoods and pure essential oils. We ethically source organic raw ingredients and donate 25% of our profits to an education charity for underprivileged children in tribal India.



Woman-owned & operated small business offering specialty crafted USDA Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free Ayurvedic supplements for happy bodies and peaceful minds! We inspire you to nurture your best self.